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sp00ky 9

2015-10-29 06:12:33 by RedMongoose

dont read this whats wrong with you what year is this even

sp00ky 08

2014-10-10 08:11:35 by RedMongoose


"I've been losing a lot of sleep recently. I can't seem to focus on anything or accomplish much. I've been persistently exhausted by nothing more than troublesome thoughts as they run laps throughout my subconscious. It's making me very tired. The point has been reached where I'm no longer able to distinguish which parts of my reality are grounded in truth or simply the products of heightened paranoia. Time has been passing as an afterthought, of which I have been actively trying to avoid. The concept of 'then' has taken a backseat to the all encompassing and undeniable grip of 'now' which itself lays cowering pitifully in the horrific, overpowering shadow of 'soon'. I can't help but feel as if something in my life is changing. Not even in a way that could aptly be described in terms that would make
sense. This feeling has transcended what could be easily diagnosed as an aversion to imminent death and leapt forth into realms rivaling that of recognition to the crumbling structural integrity of physical law. I want to tell someone... but I'm not sure what I would say and almost certain they wouldn't understand or even care. I'm stuck helpless to watch this unfold in idle terror. God help me..."


cherish horror and rule monsters

cover artwork by Tiff Tuff
check out her artwork at




sp00ky 7

2013-10-07 11:30:22 by RedMongoose

sp00ky 7

featuring cover artwork drawn by the inPHANTOMous eh i guess that didnt really work uh the SPOOKtacular no wait the PARTIALLY DISQUIETING its Felix Colgrave and he did a hell of a job i think

You have many as many choices for a download as you might like:



and then of course the direct download links to raw archive files which include a pretty high res version of Mr. Colgrave's art that you could use as a wallpaper or something if youre into that maybe I guess







just keep using your cursors or fingers or whatever you have to click on those links and I'm sure one of my songs will start playing eventually

or just click here

oh and happy halloween OK THATS IT G'BYE

sp00ky 7

the face and the gate are one

2012-06-10 00:53:51 by RedMongoose


Gameoverse Soundtrack

2012-01-28 00:59:03 by RedMongoose

So, if anyone wants to throw some money at me, I put the soundtrack for Champions of the Game-o-verse on my bandcamp. Listen to it for free, and purchase it for a dollar. The individual tracks are a quarter each... YESSIREE rse-soundtrack

Gameoverse Soundtrack

Anusboy: The Movie

2011-08-27 00:24:02 by RedMongoose

So, Wally has been trying to raise money for a project called Anusboy: The Movie of which he has asked me to score the soundtrack for. I graciously accepted the offer and have been doing my best to help him in his fundraising. Knowing Wally, I personally can't wait to see what he has in store for the project.

If you would like to aid in his quest and be a part of animation history by bringing this concept of his to life, then I suggest you take a gander at his
Indieagogo page
and make a donation you feel is adequate, or perhaps if you would rather get something out of the deal you could always head to the NG store and purchase yourself an
Anusboy T-shirt.

If you're too scared of what your friends would think of you to say that you supported funding for a movie called 'Anusboy' or maybe about what they would say if they saw you wearing a tshirt with what appears to be a plump rectum in the center, I daresay you should re evaluate your life or get more interesting friends with a healthier sense of humor, but that's just me.


The Melody of Death~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2010-11-05 14:17:14 by RedMongoose

A new album available for download.

There is a melody once heard that will seem to make even life itself seem bleak in comparison to its unearthly allure.

choose (a) symbol for download method



% ^



The Melody of Death~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Discography available on BANDCAMP

2010-04-06 17:45:43 by RedMongoose

here you go:
(note: a download of caf&s will reveal its hidden data)
also check out my verse for the NG MC Knockout HipHop Competition located here /322898
I am the second person to rap.


Discography available on BANDCAMP